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        SG Cares

        SG Cares is a national movement dedicated to guide and support the goodwill of all who live in Singapore to better help those in need. Giving and kindness can take many forms; spontaneous, informal or organised.

        From daily acts of kindness to volunteering together with friends, colleagues, neighbours, and others - every action matters.

        Together, we can all play a part, big and small, to make Singapore a more caring and inclusive home for all.

        The SG Cares movement was officially launched in 2017, championed by the SG Cares Office and co-led by NVPC and NCSS.

        SG Cares invites all who live in Singapore to put values into action through active volunteerism, ground-up efforts, and everyday acts of care. As part the SG Cares network, companies, social service organisations, schools and grassroots agencies, will come together to collaborate and contribute to caring, so as to make lasting changes in the lives of others, and causes that they believe in.

        SG Cares Volunteer

        Download SG Cares Brand Guide