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        StoryTime 2018

        culture and heritage intergenerational Community

        StoryTime is back in 2018!

        Do you love reading and wish to share this simple joy with others? Volunteer with StoryTime!

        At StoryTime, volunteers are able to interact with the elderly and read stories to them. There are often also fun activities planned such as puzzle games and sing-a-long sessions. The organizing team believes that the gift of literacy is priceless and hopes to bridge generations through stories, bringing meaning and value to both the old and the young.

        After taking a break to raise funds and finalise back-end logistics planning, StoryTime is back in 2018 even better than before! It just held a successful session on 14 April 2018 and you can look forward to more of these sessions in the coming months. StoryTime is open to volunteers of all ages who wish to spend an amazing and meaningful morning with the elderly.
        Every individual has a unique story – share yours and learn about others
        To find out more and to sign-up as a volunteer, visit StoryTime’s website and Facebook page.

        StoryTime 2018

        culture and heritage intergenerational Community

        Yao Shuohan

        13 Apr (Fri) 2018 - 13 Apr (Fri) 2018

        06:30 PM - 06:30 PM


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