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        Can We Listen to Each Other?

        Arts Community

        Can we Listen to Each Otheris a Singapore project that seeks to bring together hearing impaired and non-hearing impaired Singaporean youths to communicate with one another and forge new friendships, via a series of creative art-based workshops, to lower the barriers hearing impaired youths face in terms of communication.

        From the outset, we wanted to help foster awareness of hearing impaired youths living in our society, and understand and acknowledge the struggles that they face. This comes from our own work and interaction with youths and children of disability. We are motivated and driven by the hopes to encourage and inspire in-depth exploration and personal, independent expression of creativity and identity marking by youths. We hope that through this project, opportunities are created for the non-hearing impaired to interact and make contact with the hearing impaired, forging new friendships.

        The selection of the various modes of creative arts are meant to diversify and introduce to the youths interactive experiences. We will work with hearing and non-hearing disability youths (some with other learning disabilities) to rediscover their motivations, explore different depths of personal expression, and to eventually be able to expand their circle of friends and contacts.

        Can We Listen to Each Other?

        Arts Community

        Jacquelyn Soo & Michelle Lai

        20 Nov (Mon) 2017 - 24 Nov (Fri) 2017

        01:00 AM - 04:00 AM


        Singapore School for the Deaf

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