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        • 1959 Pew Pew Patches

        These iron-on patches are a nostalgic tribute to our National Symbols and their values. Self-determination, togetherness and the spirit of progress, juxtaposed with a shared Singaporean memory. So wear yours with pride, in celebration of our Symbols’ 60th anniversary.


        Our first thought was to recreate iconic childhood memories from the values of our National Symbols.

        • PEW PEW PATCHES 


        Pew Pew Patches

        Pew Pew Patches was born in 2014 in a collaboration between Dawn Bey and Danny Kostianos who met at art school in Hong Kong.

        Named after the sound of lasers, Pew Pew Patches aims to reinterpret the hot item of the ‘80s in the voice of the millennials today while bringing back personality into mass produced identical-looking clothes.

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