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        • 1959 David’s Daughter

        Bold eclectic prints are synonymous with David’s Daughter, and this reversible yukata is a playful spin on the values behind our most visible National Symbol. Taking after the five stars, the print is that of us, however different and diverse, held together by our common values – democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality. Its underside features a solid red symbolising the equality of Man, inspired by – what else – the National Flag.


        The print is that of us people, however different and diverse, held together by our common values.

        • David’s Daughter 


        David’s Daughter

        This Singaporean label is a daughter’s tribute to her dad, and further proof that fashion and sustainability can exist in the same orbit. Each dD garment is handmade in small quantities with little production waste to ensure the uniqueness of their items, making for almost one-of-a-kind statement pieces for the modern woman.

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